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Match Report - Hadlow Down MW CC Vs Udimore 27th June 2015 (written by David McGeown)

Summer seemed to have finally arrived on Saturday as the Wanderers arrived at the Hadlow Down Playing fields, a few wispy clouds in the sky and a burning hot sun ensured spirits where high and set a cheerful tone that would last the course of the day.

Udimore, 3rd in the league arrived looking like a fairly professional outfit, all arriving at the same time (when does that ever happen?) with matching (clean!) kit - Wanderers having struggled in the last few, hoping that these superficial appearances didn't ring entirely true on the pitch.

Skipper David McGeown won the toss, and despite some fairly strong advice from senior members of the team, elected to Bat. Whatever the result, the best chance of having a full 50 to bat for, going to the side that bats first. Kris Radmall and Andrew Fowler donned their pads and headed out to the middle - Game on! Kris and Andrew got off to a good start, bringing in around 4 an over for the first 7, shrieks of excitement occasionally ringing out from the pavilion, the loudest of which following a lofted on drive over the top of a close field from stalwart Andrew - It's as if he heard his team mates discussing whether or not he had ever hit a six or not! The wicket suited batting so Andrew and Kris looked to take advantage, but the good start faltered as Andrew punched a full toss into the hands of a short mid-off - enter Mike Hunton for what was to be an impressive innings...

Radmall's solid start ended soon after the entrance of Mike, driving straight back to the bowler and prompting a mini collapse. David M came, played two convincing cover drives for four and then drunk on the apparent suitability of the wicket to batting, tried to sweep a straight ball - out LBW. Will Roberts came, watched a couple then chased a wide - out caught at gully. 28 for 2 had suddenly become 51 for 4 and Wanderers were looking shaky. if ever a good partnership was needed, it was now and who better to see walking out to the crease in this situation than Peter Smyth.

Peter and Mike played as one, with the former rotating the strike effectively and the latter dispatching bad balls with an aggression that cannot, and should not be suppressed. The partnership had reached 79 before Udimore got the breakthrough they needed, Peter was the wicket - 134 - 5, Wanderers still had some work to do. Enter Luke Dolman, who's desire to improve and commitment to practice had seen him rise up into the middle order - on this day he cemented that position. Luke played a fantastic innings to support Mike, either getting himself off strike, or hitting the ball for 4. Deft flicks of the legs and glanced cut shots past the slips, creating a wagon wheel anyone would have been proud of, it really was a joy to behold. Mike stuck with Luke for 5 overs, but eventually on 91 his time was up - caught going for a big one that didn’t quite connect. Amit joined Luke at the crease and being the senior batsman, decided he would show how to block in style with the first 4 balls he faced going for 1, 2, 4, 6 - I suppose that called ‘getting your eye in’. Luke fell on 21, bowled by the Udimore skipper and was replaced by Doug, who put on a good partnership of 31 with Amit, before falling LBW on 14. Amit was joined first by Ryan, then by Joe - giving him just enough time to get to 26 NO before HDMW were all out for 237 - maybe just under par for the wicket, but certainly a total to work with. A top team effort!

Tea was served, then consumed.

Coming out to bat with a score to chase, Udimore assisted by some, at times, less than average bowling from David M and Kris R, got off to a flying start getting to 46 in 6 overs - they knew they needed a decent run rate and were not going to hang around. In the seventh the first breakthrough came, McGeown taking the edge of the number 2 bat and Peter Smyth taking the catch at first slip. the 10th over saw the bowling change and Ryan and Doug came forward respectively. It was a move that triggered some excitement, 3 wickets in 5 overs, two to Ryan and 1 to Doug all bowled. In the 20th over Joe Pearson came on and struck immediately taking 2 wickets in his first 2 overs. 3 Bowlers had just ripped apart the Udimore middle order in 12 overs - strike bowling at it’s best - and when Joe took his 3rd, J White the Udimore opening batsman caught behind for 80, Hadlow seemed to be in the box seat with Udimore on 157-7. Udimore weren’t going to give up without a fight though and it took another 6 overs and 30 runs before the last wicket fell to give Hadlow Down MW the victory. Joe Pearson topping the bowling figures with 5-0-16-3, followed closely by Ryan Clark, 5.1-1-24-2 and Doug Cornford with 6-0-28-2. McGeown and Radmall took the other 3 between them with 12-0-71-1 and 7-0-45-2 respectively. A joint man of the match for Ryan and Joe (on reflection and looking at the figures, it seems unfair not to include Doug in that group, but Joe and Ryan just seemed to have the edge on the day) well done all 3 of you - a pint from the skipper coming your way next week! A great effort from every member of the team.


Match Report - Udimore Vs Stanmer Swans - Sat 12th July 2014 (written by Mike Hunton)

Saturday once more and Stanmer gratefully emigrate to Udimore to commence the second half of this season with only one question on their minds...
Batting first this time, could Stanmer continue a 3 game procession of wins?

Mike and sid took to a spongy wicket and “catch it!” accompanied the third delivery as it ballooned to the intuitively positioned fly slip… put down. A shaky start? Well in 12 overs Stanmer recorded 24 runs with only one 4 early on through the covers. Over 13 saw Sid push opening bowler M.Dobinson for a single then Mike hitting a 2 too the unforgiving outfield. Next ball 4! Driven over mid off but with his last ball Dobinson finally found the outside edge and a fine catch by Boakes saw Mike exit for 24. Undoubtably buoyed the Udimore duo repeated the feet 4 overs later felling Sid for 5 and the score on 38 for 2.

Kris and Ty looked to steady the ship and pushed the run rate to 2.5 with 20 overs gone. Going well Kris lunges down the crease to be wrapped on the front foot… Out for 16 off 27 balls. Enter Tim Burnage, momentum was up and soon flowed via Tim’s 7 from 4 balls. Ty now had his eye in and the pair skilfully combined picking regular singles with some big scoring shots. At almost a run a ball the score soared into the points by the 32nd over. Ty cemented his 50 with a characteristic six into the orchard but soon after found J.White in the deep and departed for a captain’s 55. With145 / 4 on the board the Dobinson duo had become an all White attack needing to deliver. A.White grasped his chance against the new batsmen taking the wickets of Tom and Tim in just two balls.

Enter a determined Dave looking to build on some very positive performances. After four dot balls Dave cut loose striking 2 2 1 . 2 4 6 as Tim continued to accumulate his best score of the season. The timely 50 came with another punishing four and Stanmer reach 180 / 6. Damage was now being done but again Udimore fight back. Now in full flow both Dave 21 and Tim 56 fell to be replaced by the assured Zac and Andrew to continue bagging the points. A cracking four by Zac ensured the 190 run mark and shortly after Ty called them in on 192 / 8 off 46 overs. On an initially difficult wicket Stanmer had constructed a good total and after a tasty tea could set their sights on forcing a victory.

Tim Swanepoel and Kris Radmall opened the bowling building pressure from the off. After three good overs each the wait for wickets was over as Tim clean bowled J.White for 9 and Tom catches J.Adam off Kris for 11. Not to be outdone an inspired Tim finds the edge of N.Stapley’s bat the very next over an keeper Mike takes the catch. Young R.Boakes came to the crease and began a confident innings while Stanmer continued to build pressure with 4 maidens from the next 7 overs. It took an inspired catch from Will to break the deadlock in the 17th over as he plucked a rocket off Tim leaving Udimore 34 for 5. Momentium now seemed only one way with Stanmer sending victory once more. Despite some determined batting Stanmers bowler-keeper combo’s began to clean up taking the next three wickets. Udimore resistance tumbled as Tim sealed their fate by finally getting his man (boy) by dismissing R.Boakes middle stump.

After 22 overs the action was over. Kris finds the inside edge of D.Longley taking his 3rd wicket for 24 runs and gifting the keeper his 5th catch. Tim recorded a man of the match 12 overs, 3 maidens, 6 for 17 runs in his best performance yet as Stanmer complete the game without dropping a catch. Another victory for an increasingly confident Stanmer sees Iden visit the Hadlow cauldron next week. Can third from bottom claw Stanmer back to mid table or will Stanmer cement a claim for third and even mount an accent to the top? Now is the time to hit form fellas, our fate and cricketing dreams are in our hands!!!

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Match Report - Stanmer Swans aka. HDMW CC vs Willingdon 2nd's - Sat 21st June 2014

It's fair to say that feelings were mixed on the journey to Hadlow Down for Saturday's fixture. Excitment at the prospect of playing on a wicket you’ve had a hand in preparing, relief that we’re only one down from a full compliment and nerves given results in the past few weeks. All of this faded away when we pulled up to the pavilion to see the one and only Tyran, son of Sydney, Captain returned! (Ty had arrived home from a year travelling the sub continent late Friday night, much to the surprise of Sharon and Syd, sporting a fine tan and a rising inflection to match.) From a melee of hand shakes and backslaps, we emerged feeling confident again. We have 11, there’s 5 bowlers, 6 batsman and the wicket looks better than it has for a long time, can we finely get a start to the season……

Ty met with the Willingdon skipper for the toss and duly won, putting Willingdon in to Bat - The Swanderers take to the field with a few simple instructions from the captain, try your best, have fun and back each other up - take ten wickets and we get ten points. A. Ward and M. Shimmons arrive at the crease and prepare to face the bowling of Tim Swanepoel and Zac Cordrey and the game begins (15 minutes later the game also begins for George Smith who neglected to realise that League Fixtures start at 1.30pm!!).

Tim and Zac both make a solid start, Tim opening up with a maiden and Zac only drifting a couple down leg. Tim soon starts to get the better of Ward, tucking up a few times and beating the edge once or twice. Ward clearly felt attack was the best from of defence and tried to take the game to Tim, hitting a couple of fours and a few singles, to move to 11 before missing a straight one. 13-1 after 6 overs - not a bad start for Stammer as G.Hatfield takes to the crease. Zac and Tim continued to bowl as a pair and pressurise the batsman until the end of the 12th over, when it’s time for Zac to have a blow finishing up with a good maiden. His figures a very respectable 6-1-21-0.

Enter Kris Radmall with a broken hand, bowling his very individual leg spin - anything could happen and it does, Hatfield welcomes the a ball into his pads plum in front of the wicket and is dismissed by the umpire for 11. P. Bonney comes in to bat and Wilingdon hang on against until drinks at 20 overs with a score of 49-2.


After a short drinks break, Kris is joined in the bowling attack by David McGeown and play resumes. P. Bonney gets off to a quick start, taking advantage of some fairly loose bowling from McGeown to make 21 runs in what seems like no time. Unfortunately for Bonney that was the best he could do, as he misjudges the turn at the football pitch end and gloves one to Mike Hunton (WC). In a nice display of sportsmanship the umpire is untroubled when Bonney walks, Radmall has his second, Willingdon 80-3.

I. Lewis comes to the crease and manages to scratch 5 runs in a few balls before catching the top edge off Radmall and challenging Syd, to pretty impressive dive forwards from slips, to snaffle the ball. Shimmons, who has been batting well, waiting for the bad ball and looking untroubled so far, is joined by the Willingdon number 6, J. Richards. Shimmons and Richards put on 13 before Richards try’s to cut one that bounces, catches a thick top edge sending the ball skywards and down, into the gloves of Mike Hunton - Mcgeown takes the first of his 3 in 3 overs. T. Ody is the second to go, driving to Andrew Fowler in the covers for a duck and M. Shimmons is caught at deep mid on by Dan Sherwin for 40.

With the key wicket gone, Willingdon are in trouble. 113-6 with G. Pantry and C.Moye at the crease, Moye is bowled for 1 by Radmall who takes his forth. Willingdon need a partnership and get one, G. Pantry and J. Yates put on 54 before Pantry drives one into the hands of McGeown at deep mid on. Syd had taken his first wicket of the day and G. Pantry had made a very good 40 in tough circumstances. Willingdon limped to 174 from 43 overs, before Syd bowled the number 11 M. Wheeler for a duck. J. Yates is 18 not out and Stanmer Swans need 175 to win from 50 overs - Tea.

Tim S   12-3-40-1
Kris R   13-0-43-4
David M   6-0-39-3
Sydney   B 3.1-0-20-2

Match Report - Stanmer Swans Vs Hastings and St L. Pr.III - Sat 7th June 2014

Spirits where high at Hadlow Down as the Stanmer/Hadlow squad arrived off the back of 3 victories in a row, 2 league and 1 sunday. After a couple of feisty cricketing weeks, there was hope for more of a standard cricketing affair and on the field of play at least, this was to be the case. The visiting side, Hastings and St. L. III’s where looking to capitalise on a solid start to the season and push on from their mid table position - with a lot of fresh young faces in the team all of whom have a cricketing maturity way beyond their years, they had reason to be confident.

Tyran won the toss for Stanmer and elected to field, Hastings were put into bat - Game on!


Stanmer sharp in the field and hungry for wickets did not disappoint, 3 overs in and the score still on 0, the first fell. A catch from Roberts from the bowling of Swanepoel saw Ferguson leave the field, tail between legs. Coyle and whittaker came and went for Hastings as Stanmer kept up the pressure in the field and took two more catches. 1 more for Tim and a first For Zac Cordrey, 7 for 3 after 6 overs and Stanmer were starting to wonder when Hastings would dig in…. The young opener Hoadlen had been solid from the number 2 position, keeping the good ones out and putting away the loose balls, but he still wan’t being supported from the other end. Scowan made an attempt, scoring a quick 8 before been bowled by Swanepoel. Another Hastings duck (B Giles) and another wicket for Swanepoel, thanks to the safe gloves of Hunton behind the stumps saw Hastings at 33-5 from 15 overs… Finally Hastings decide to regroup!

F. Thompson (another youngster showing promise for the future) took the mantle and finally offered some support to Hoalden, they put on a partnership of 69 before Hoalden fell to a catch in the deep from Tim, off the bowling of McGeown. A fine 56 in difficult circumstances, Hastings are 104 - 6 but definitely back in the game. Hastings continued to loose wickets every 3 or 4 overs until the end of the innings, but scratched 164 to give Stanmer a difficult total to chase on a typical Hadlow wicket. Notable batting performances from F.Thompson - 36 and J Armstrong - 26 saved Hastings from the collapse. 6 Stanmer bowlers used and all fairing well.

T Swanepoel - 20-4-55-4
Z Cordrey - 8-3-32-1
K Radmall - 4-0-26-0
D McGeown - 6-1-35-2
S Branford - 2-0-10-1
Sanj Hiremath - 0.5-0-5-1

Stanmer take to the crease in fairly buoyant mood, the openers hang around and get 100 on the board and we are on for the win, but did stammer want to make it easy? Of course not! Sydney fell for 4, Radmall 11, Mike Hunton for 18and Tim Burnage for a duck, leaving what should have been a good start looking fairly poor 39 for 4 and nervous feelings of de ja vu in the pavilion set in and the captain at the crease needed to lead by example. Ty did and along with Tom Agg made a good start, but fell LBW to Hobbs in the 28th over for 24. Tom Agg determined to make his first score for his new side did a splendid job of settling things first with T Swanepeol (3) and then Zac Cordrey. Tom couldn’t hold on forever though and eventually fell for 27, bowled by Armstrong. Enter D McGeown, hoping to pro up Cordrey from the non strikers end with the score at 102-7!

David and Zac had a chance to fight for glory and fight they did. After a nervous start and some nearly, but not run, runs the pair settled in with a constant eye on the scoreboard. Buoyed by some fair and aggressive sledging, they put on 61 before Zac offered his pad in front of the stumps leaving on 28, with only 2 required to win. Roberts joined McGeown at the non strikers end, but wasn’t required in the end. 2 balls later McGeown finished off the innings with a lovely cover drive for 4 and Stanmer secured another victory!

A close game played in good spirits (ignoring the streaker!) with a fair result in the end.